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This site was created for an upper level history course at Michigan State University, on the History and Theory of Genocide (Spring 2013.) Students in the course will post their final research papers on this site. The papers are part of a class project called Imaging Genocide, which investigates the visual archive of genocide and mass killings.

New knowledge is not produced in isolation. It is the product of conversation, of interaction with others. I encourage all who visit this site to leave comments, responding to our students’ papers. My only condition is that the comments respect the norms of a civil and polite exchange. Genocide is a delicate subject that arouses many difficult emotions, but we will only advance in our understanding of it if we maintain a basic sense of respect for each other.

The course is taught by Ronen Steinberg, an assistant professor in the department of history at Michigan State University. Dr. Steinberg’s own area of research is revolutionary France.

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